I started this blog for two main reasons:

1) To give a sense of structure and purpose to my writing.
2) To share my experiences with people that might be going through similar situations.

When you find an article or blog post that resonates with your life experiences and values, it has a way of making you feel included. If even one person feels this way after reading something I wrote, my goal will have been accomplished.

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I’m the type of girl who owns heels and power tools. When someone says, “you can’t do that”, I like to prove them wrong.

I have this fear that many people give up on their dreams because they are scared or not instantly the best. It’s common knowledge, we learn through experience and practice but, some of us forget what that actually means. Including myself. I’m not a particularly courageous person but, I like to try new things. This often requires me to take steps out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I succeed. More often I fail. It doesn’t matter. I keep learning and pushing forward.

Everyone starts somewhere.

I don’t mind if people look at me and think, “Well, if she can do it, I can do it.” Ultimately, that is true. It just comes down to the amount of effort you want to invest. Over the years, writing is the one constant passion I have that has never changed so, I invest a lot of effort.

The thought of sharing my stories has me biting my lip and nervously shaking my leg as I set at my desk but, I still want to do it. Whether it is ridiculous made-up stories or very real personal views on weight struggles, life and entrepreneurship, I want to write it all down. I have eclectic tastes because they never stay the same.

I’m grateful for every letter of every word. For better or worse it’s part of me now and I honestly don’t think I’d feel complete without its constant companionship.

Feel free to email me at lclittlecornerblog@gmail.com

Author Bio:
LuCinda lives in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. She shares her home with her sister. They live with two jerks (aka cats) and one pretty cool turtle. LuCinda’s day job is at a non-profit organization that promotes economic development. She finds time to read, write, visit family/friends and watch TV during her off-duty hours. (Sleeping is an optional pastime.)