Personal Update

Two months ago, I posted a blog called Procrastination: Don’t Do It. I haven’t posted anything since however, I have been working hard to follow my own advice.

I’ve been writing. I’ve written a Press Release, I’ve added about 15,000 words to the rough (really, really, rough) draft of my book, and I decorated two cakes for family birthdays. Granted the cakes don’t further my writing goals but, working on them lets me express my artistic side and ultimately makes me happy in the process. I also had my first tomato sandwich of the season from tomatoes grown in my garden.

My point is… there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. I won’t lie though, it hasn’t all been roses and ripe tomatoes. I have had more than a couple days of lethargy and thinking, “why did I even bother getting out of bed?” Sprinkled with more nights of sitting in front of the television than I would like to admit. Those are the types of days I acknowledge but, chose not to focus on. My depression can be cyclical if I let it and I’ve learned not following it so far down, alleviates the sharp climb back up. Instead, I’m making a mindful effort to pay attention to days where I felt good or crushed goals and aiming to repeat what works.

Two reoccurring themes I have noticed already: nature and writing. (Shocker)

Being around green grass and trees is just a commonsense way to take a breathe and let go of stress. Writing is more because it’s the hobby that speaks to my soul. For me even a frustrating night of writing can lead to waking up the following day in an overall good mood. The key to keeping the good mood in both scenarios is waiting a few hours before checking the news.   

If you’re anything like me and you have your ups and downs, try making a conscious effort to track (mentally or physically with a notebook) what happened or what you did different on days you felt good or what you did the day before your good mornings. You might be surprised at how little, simple things go a long way toward improving our moods.

Last but not least… for anyone who enjoyed The Mermaid’s Moment, I have a draft of Part Two to the story that will be done and posted within the next two weeks. I’m excited to share what happens next. 😊

As always, thank you to everyone who supports my writing by reading these posts. ❤

You can now follow LittleCornerBlog on Instagram. (Which has pictures of the vegetables I brought to life and eventually will include other things like quotes from my blogs.

4 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. I do journal daily, but sometimes I feel like I may have missed a certain detail that leads to why I’m feeling that way. Either way, I’m grateful for it because it really does help me make sense of the ebbs and flows of my mood. Thanks for sharing!

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