Strike While The Iron Is Hot.

I’m learning I need to write when inspiration strikes. Scratch that… I’m learning to write when the urge to write strikes. The urge to write and the inspiration to write are two completely different things. Sometimes on a good day they will visit together, and we talk for hours. Most days they arrive separately, and I struggle to find small talk.
But, I digress.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘you need to strike while the irons hot.‘ The reason it’s a popular cliché is because it can be subjectively construed to whatever task you have at hand.

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A blacksmith needs to strike when the iron is hot otherwise the metal cools and becomes un-moldable. Then it’s stuck in a shape serving no purpose to the blacksmith and utterly useless.

Do you see where I am going with this? Whatever you want to do, do it now. Don’t be a disgruntled blacksmith with a lumpy piece of useless iron.

Here is your opportunity. Take a moment to think about that thing you love to do… Do you have the vision in your head? Are you smiling to yourself? Ok, now go do the thing. Don’t put it off any longer.

As I write this, I should be sleeping. I should have taken the right turn from the hall into my bedroom and put my head on the pillow but, I didn’t. Like a Siren to a pirate on the open sea, the keyboard called to me in the dark shadows of the office. Leading to the demise of the person, I would have been if I had gone the other way. Further avoiding the life, I want to live.

Whatever it is that calls to you, let it happen. (As long as your passion doesn’t harm anyone else; that really should go without saying but, you never know these days.) Do what makes you happy. Write the book. Craft the project. Build something. Teach something. Climb the proverbial mountain, or literal mountain, if that’s your thing. But, don’t wait any longer.

Don’t let self-doubt, other’s opinions or excuses get in the way. You deserve to take time out of your life to pursue your passion. Don’t have an agenda, do what feels right and see where it takes you.    

I know this concept has been written and spoken about hundreds of times, in as many different ways but, it only takes one time to sink in. One moment for it all to shift into place. Maybe this is your moment. Maybe this is the point in your life where you stop putting it on hold and you make your version of happy, happen.

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