I Once Was Lost, and Now I’m Found

(As told by The Bat).

[This is PART 2. You can find Part 1: here if you haven’t read it yet.]

Clinging to the wall, I’m sure they can hear my heart beating against it. My wings have never been tucked closer to my body. Face down in the launching position in case I need to make a quick escape, my father’s words run through my brain, “Find a hiding spot and don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.” I hope he is right.

My tiny fur batch is tingling, one of the humans is close. I fear I’m going to be spotted any second. The wind rustles as it approaches my position.

They can’t see you if you don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.  

I hear the other one talking to her furry minion. The one they sent to attack me. He thought he could slice me up with those claws. Ha! I showed him. He never came close to – Ahh, the tall one is back.

They can’t see you if you don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.

When cover of darkness hits, I will make my escape. I’m so exhausted. I still don’t know how the sun appeared when they did. It’s as if it’s inside the room but, it can’t be. And it can’t last. It’s so quiet. Maybe they all left.

I wish I wasn’t so exhausted. My talons have a pretty good grip here, maybe I’ll just tuck my head in this wing for a minute. Good thing I don’t snore.

“Mom, I’m tired. 5 more mins. Mom? Ahh!” Something touched me! I’m under attack! This one seems bigger and smells different. They brought in reinforcements. Three against one, I don’t stand a chance.

“Help! Help!”

There is a cavern. How did I miss that last night? It’s a risk flattening out to fit there but, I have to take it. I scurry right up the wall.

There, I’m covered. There is no way – what is that? Something touched me again. They have a weapon.

“Help! Someone. Anyone!”

Nobody can hear me. I’m going to die in this prison, stabbed by this tiny tree thing. Well, they are not going to take me alive. I’ll fight till my last breath. Here is comes again… I’ll slide up and over. Made it!

“Give it up, you brutes.” I squeak.

The deep rumble of their growl vibrates up the wall and into my body. Those big dumb animals.

“No one understands you, dummies! Keep it up, I can dodge your wooden swords all day.”

Dive, slide up, shuffle over, slide, slide, flatten.

The stick is coming less and less now. I think I’m wearing them down. Night will be here soon, then we’ll see how you do when it’s a fair fight.

Woah, it’s dark already. That was quick. Time to make my escape.

Launch. Flap, flap, flap. Where’s my exit? I’m so turned around. Oh, no the sun is back. That was too quick it doesn’t make sense. Is that a net?

The large net is getting closer. I swing around to avoid it but, there’s another wall. I fly back around; the enemy is getting closer. The sun is in my eyes. The nets getting closer. Its swarms all around until I’m finally engulfed.

The net folds in around me. The more I struggled the more it clings. I can’t flap. My wings are immobilized by this constricting death cloth. The man picks me up, this is it. Mom and dad are going to be so sad. I never got to say goodbye.

“Do your worst.” I yell at him.

I hear a wooden creak and a breeze through the cloth trap.

Is it? Yes, it’s dark again. I suppose, I should thank this man for allowing me the dignity to die surrounded by the beauty of the night sky. I wish I could see it. I take a deep breath as he places me on, what I assume is, the ground.

“Goodbye cruel world.”

I wait… and wait. I am not dead. I hear him walking away.

Am I to be left to a slow death? No, I can hear the humans grumbling from a distance. He is giving me a chance to escape! I renew my fight for freedom. The death cloth loosens its grip. My determination grows but, I am still too low to achieve my lift for escape.

I yell from the top of my little lungs, “Help me my friend, one last time.”

At once, I am lifted into the air. The death cloth is off my face. Just a little maneuver here and…

Yes, I am soaring.

As I fly away, I can’t help but, squeak out one last goodbye to the man that saved me, “Thank you, my friend. You helped me escape that house of horrors and I will never forget you!”

I don’t know why I squeak it out loud. The big dumb animal can’t understand me, anyway. 

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