Two Steps Back, Giant Leap Foward

april showers edit

April showers bring May flowers. It also brought Easter Sunday and an excuse to visit family and eat candy. I had a cheat weekend and did not have an adequate plan for the temptation that would befall me. When I’m not prepared I don’t track because, I don’t care. Bad idea.

I can remember sitting at my parent’s kitchen table and muttering to myself, “Just one won’t hurt.” 50 jellybeans later I’m reaching for a homemade peanut butter egg thinking, “To hell with it.”

May and June I am ashamed to say were filled with half-ass attempts at restarts. I have a vague recollection of repeating the phrase “I’ll start next Monday,” over and over. Until the 4th of July, when I had another family gathering and excuse to eat countless carbs and bad fats. In my family, it’s one of those holidays where everywhere you look there are salads but, none of them have anything to do with lettuce.

Are you beginning to see the same cycle I saw?
Holiday. Procrastination. Holiday. Procrastination…

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my family. I wouldn’t trade those holiday celebrations for the world. My problem is in associating the consumption of unhealthy foods with my love for my family. It turns out there is no correlation between the two. I can skip my cousin’s birthday cake and still love her. Go figure.

July 2018 - edit

Post 4th of July…   

There was a moment last week where I felt a swift kick to the butt, motivationally speaking. My sister started an Instagram account ( @JessicasJourney345 ) specifically for her own personally accountability and to inspire others during her own weight loss journey.

Her motivation was the scale. She weighed in at her highest point ever. This could have defeated her. She could have felt sorry for herself and not changed anything. Instead she faced the challenge head on.

Her new attitude created a vibe in the house. A sort of unspoken determination. No more trying, because from now on healthy is just how it is.

It took me a day or two but, I finally joined up with her on this health crusade. I armed myself with every motivation quote I could get my hands on and strapped on a shield of stubbornness to get back to my goal weight. I’m ready to battle alongside her.

After all, I can’t be one-upped by my little sister!


Screenshot (6)

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