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My First Blog

Sift Through the Rubbish


When I was little I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now that I’m an “adult” I keep putting it off.

Procrastination is both a virtue and a vice in my world. Procrastination has a way of keeping me optimistic. If I put off doing something, there is still a chance when I finally get to it, it’ll be amazing. On the other hand, not doing anything at all puts me in a category lower than failure. The empty space of nothingness for people who never try. You can’t be a failure if you never try. Right? You also can’t be a success if you never try.

This is where Little Corner Blog comes into play. My leap of faith. My first public display as a writer. I’ve been writing a very long time. I’m sure with a good line here or there but, most of it rubbish. My optimism has me hoping someone, somewhere will sift through the rubbish and find something to which they can relate. My fear, is that after I put this out there no one will relate and I will be ridiculed about my horrible writing ability.

Fortunately, I am also a dreamer so I have already lived out both scenarios in my head. Either way I will still be writing. One outcome simply has me marrying a down-on-his-luck Amish man, birthing seven kids and only writing in notebooks by candlelight because, the night is the only time I have to myself anymore. You try raising seven kids with no electricity!

I digress… My point is whatever happens, there will be no need for the empty space of nothingness. I will have tried.

I’ll take all comments with some allowance for personal views and avoid any handsome Amish men. After all, I am a writer. I’ll persevere. Not everyone is going to like me but, I hope you do.


You’ll enjoy reading my blog if you don’t mind fiction posts that jump around genres. I also intend to write about certain aspects of my life, such as; my fitness journey, occasional road trips I take with my sister, personal introspections and possibly do a mini-series or two of a chosen topic tips or what to expect. To get a better idea on what those topics may include you can check out my about me or browse around my blog to find something you might like.